about us

Pioneer of Fiber Innovation

SEPITAM Company is a leading global provider of Fiber Optic communication and IP-based networking products. Also it provides solutions of security transmission equipment for small-to-medium-sized businesses, enterprises markets. With a strong mission to be a Pioneer of IP Optical Transmission Innovation in the global market, SEPITAM designs, deploys and delivers innovative IP solutions, also research and development of optical fiber transmission with converged data, voice, and video deployment over the wide range of networking and fiber optic technologies. The company has also been demonstrating its consistent commitment to the role of global citizenship, besides its product innovations.


Until now SEPITAM  POE products and optical transmission products have been widely used in  systems like emergency command system, production safety management system, digital city system, emergency system against terrorism, special occasions integrated monitoring system, public traffic safety system, city integrated monitoring system , environmental and meteorological monitoring system, fire linkage system and so on, as well as fields like highway, city security, railway, petroleum and petrochemical, army, electrical power, financial industry and so on. We always offer advanced transmission solutions, high quality products and best after sales service for our customers, and has won their high appreciation.


 will always devote itself to the R&D and innovation of network power supply and optical communication industry, and be a leading enterprise in this industry